Death in Sicily

“In this book, I have tried to collect the last traces of tradition and mourning in Sicily, recreating the human and cultural imagination that, for centuries, has been the glue among Sicilian communities: an “immaterial” heritage, an expression of historical memory that needs to be exalted, rather than removed. I wanted to challenge one of… Continue reading

Marina di Ventimiglia

Ventimiglia is frontier and transit city, domestic and never wild far west, it is instead very civilized since the most antique times as a last Riviera Ligure’s offcut before Costa Azzurra. Armando Rotoletti’s camera eye reveals a surprisingly beauty that invites you to stay and discover its secrets. Nothing is better than putting on the… Continue reading

Noto. Stones and faces

A book created during a long and dedicated period of visits to the Sicilian town of Noto by Armando Rotoletti, of Sicilian origin and deeply connected to his land.Taking centre-stage, the uniqueness and beauty of Noto, of which Rotoletti has investigated all facets: from the architectural side to the humanity of the people living there,… Continue reading

Striking Piazzas of Sicily

After 156 days of shooting; 7000 km crossing Sicily coast to coast, east to west and north to south; 256 emails sent to municipalities requesting to free the squares of cars and catering equipment that would upset their appearance; Armando Rotoletti, renowned portrait and reportage photographer from Messina, offers to us in this book 82… Continue reading

Etna: Wine and People

Expressing through pictures the beauty of a landscape as spectacular as the one shaped by Mt. Etna isn’t difficult, because each slant is almost naturally predisposed to being immortalized. Rather less easy was finding a common thread that would describe the bind between this harsh land and its inhabitants.What still keeps together this community at… Continue reading

Scicli, city of Joy

Most people know Scicli as the “place of Montalbano”, owing to its being the set of several scenes from the successful TV series based on the novels by Camilleri and starring Luca Zingaretti as the inspector. But Scicli, celebrated by Elio Vittorini as “the most beautiful city in the world”, laying in its valley with… Continue reading

People of Barbaresco

Wine often matches the face of who makes it: a happy face is the best business card of a good wine. From this concept springs a books that is at once a photo documentary, a sociological inquiry and a guide to a famous wine territory standing between the Langhe and Montferrat.A project exploring a microcosm… Continue reading

Talking Circles in Biancavilla

This work is  part of an anthropological research that Armando Rotoletti has been conducting for several years in his home country, Sicily. Among its aims is to acquaint younger generations with their origins and make them engage in a tangible type of sociability, a lifestyle in which meeting becomes an art form. “The main street,”… Continue reading

Barbers of Sicily

This book is the product of a research conducted thirty years ago which unearths the last barber shops still unaffected by the modernisation process altering the island, and from which I obtained a reportage that stands somewhere between photo journalism and anthropological research.In spring 1991 I found myself in Sicily working, on behalf of a… Continue reading